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SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 - Jonathan is on his way to Portugal on a 15+ show acoustic tour. Auerbach will be hitting some of the best clubs and spots during his 1 month stint including targeted gigs on the Island of Madeira and a finale at Lisbon's Hard Rock Cafe. Let's just say this is a tune up for Jonathan and his upcoming album that he will probably be unveiling for folks over in Portugal. Too bad we all don't have plane tickets over there!


FEBRUARY 17, 2009 - "Chiming in with Jonathan Auerbach"  It's plain and simple, Jonathan Auerbach is a rocker.  Someone who likes to lay into the music he was gifted to play...Jonathan's newest release "Siren Call" has seen some worldwide radio play in Europe as well as his native New England area.  It has garnered him praise not only for its musicianship, but the soul it possesses.


As a young man who is still in his early twenties, Paul Coskie has had more than his share of pain and sorrow.  But for this young Upton man, who has been dealt a double whammy of a life threatening brain injury after a car accident and then only four years later, a leukemia diagnosis, complaining is clearly not his thing, instead, he looks outward and spends much of his time and energy in helping others to overcome what he has and still is going through.  Paul is no Pollyanna he's only human, so of course, he has his moments of sadness, grief and anger.  No young man wants to be known only by his conditions in his life. But now, thanks to a terrific and innovative program at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston, Paul can add one new exciting title to his resume as budding rock star.   Since spring, Paul has been participating in a music therapy program at the Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies at the DFCI.  The master class workshops, known as "Rock-in' Time: a Rock Music Performance Jam," were created by musician Jonathan Auerbach as a way to allow students a chance to explore their inner rock star while also enjoying the chance to have fun and even leave behind the world of cancer, if only for a short time.   Drawing on his own experiences as a successful musician, Auerbach, with the support of music therapist Brian Jantz, MT-BC/DFCI, works with his students on all aspects of performing.  To be considered for the program, each student must have some prior music experience and importantly, a willingness to be open to learning more, Auerbach said.  I teach them about music but don't focus on a traditional curriculum," he noted. "The focus is on performing - I challenge them so that they can electrify through music" "It's meant to be fun and a way for the students to express themselves musically," he added. "It helps them forget - for a little bit - about cancer and chemo.  Teaching the workshops has been a way, Auerbach noted, to merge his interest in music with helping cancer patients.  "After a loved one was treated at the Dana Farber successfully, I thought hard about how I could show my appreciation," he said. "And music therapy spoke to my passion."   As a member of the DFCI's Leadership Council, he has made a commitment to continue his work with the music therapy program as not only instructor, but as fundraiser as well.  This past summer he performed at a private event in Hopkinton that helped raise over $30,000 for the music therapy program.  Also appearing that night was Paul, along with his mother, Dixie. "Paul gave a 'wow' - a smash talk and Dixie was, absolute grace under pressure," Auerbach recalled. "I know it was emotional for both of them, but they were amazing. And although Paul did not perform musically, his words made as big an impact on the crowd as if he had done a sizzling guitar solo. "This special music program not only relaxes me and other patients, but it gives us an opportunity to feel normal and builds confidence and teaches us to improve the quality of our music, he told the audience that night. "It has been fun working with a professional musician and teacher such as Jonathan and I am thankful for the program and to Brian and Jonathan for their friendship, hard work and time - and to all of you who generously donate money to keep the music and beat alive. For Dixie Coskie, the program has come as a welcome respite in a world of sadness and pain for her son. "The music therapy program at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute is special in that it gives patients a place to regroup, revamp, and revive, she said. "Through his guidance, the new "Rock-in Time Jam Workshop" which Jonathan created and directs -- Jonathan and Brian have been able to transform the dismal cancer experience into something fun, engaging and healing. "I personally have witnessed the healing transformation in my son Paul's demeanor during these "Music Master Class Workshops, Coskie said. "It is so uplifting to see a smile on my sons face after all that he has been through. With help and donations from people like you, Jonathan’s vision to help more kids through the music program at the Zakim Center at Dana Farber can bring more joy and some sort of normalcy into the hearts of these aspiring musicians - who just happen to have cancer," she added.   The program itself is continuing to generate extremely favorable response, Auerbach noted, with enthusiastic support from such medical luminaries as Dr. David Rosenthal, who is the Medical Director of the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies as well as a professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and is affiliated with the Department of Medical Oncology at Dana-Farber. Also exciting, he added, was the number of businesses who had generously donated goods and services for the fundraiser that night, as well as a growing number of corporate sponsors. Although he started out as Paul's teacher, that relationship quickly grew to something much more, he said. "It was galvanizing," Auerbach said. "He teaches me. He is an unbelievable lion. Even in the face of bad times, he does what it takes to stand up and be a man."

To learn more about the music therapy program at DFCI, go to and

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I got Jonathan Auerbach's new CD, Siren Call, back in July.  Best new music I've heard in years.  It's a dancing ride, man. "Keepin' It Real" opens my radio show and "The Dark" closes it.  Come alive...

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Having worked as a record label exec for 15 years, I've seen a lot of artists set back their careers with the release of their 2nd record, often referred to as the "Sophmore Slump".  I believe this happens when many artists "overthink" the entire process when making the record.  On Siren Call, Jonathan Auerbach's 2nd release, he "underthought" it in a way that proves just how prolific and honest an artist he truly is. Instead of overplaying/overproduction on Siren Call, (JA) plays, writes and sings like his life depended on "transfixing" these songs and messages into the hearts and ears of his devoted fanbase.  For those who have already set sail with JA, you know where I'm coming from.  For those about to come on board for the first time, climb on deck and get ready to embark on an invigorating journey about experiences in which we can all relate. High praise to the rippin' band that backs JA on Siren Call, and to the infinitely soulful Pam McCann whose ethereal & angelic voice will haunt you long after you've come ashore.


Singer/songwriter Jonathan Auerbach coming to a restaurant near you... Jonathan Auerbach, rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, celebrates the completion of his second CD on Saturday, April 28 at the Common Man in Ashland. The CD, Siren Call, features Auerbach and a backup band, which consists of electric guitarist Bob Britt, drummer and percussionist Angelo Collura, electric bassist David Santos and vocalist Pam McCann players who have recorded with musicians such as Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Billy Joel, and John Fogerty.  Siren Call features all-original music, and was recorded at The Grotto Studio in Nashville, TN.  Auerbach has a full tour scheduled for 2007 to 2008.  I am very proud of this record, Auerbach said.  Auerbach is not only focused on his music. He is a member of the Leadership Council at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and projects to raise and to donate a total of $19,000 by July 2007 for this Institute and its Jimmy Fund.   A portion of all the money Auerbach generates through his music is donated to these causes.

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On "Siren Call," the songwriting, musicianship, production, engineering and honest delivery of this album speaks for itself. Unique male vocals offer a refreshing departure from the throngs of predictable vocalists and phrasing choices out there fatiguing the ear.  The songs flow into each other smoothly while maintaining a sense of adventure.  The aptly entitled Siren Call definitely lures the listener to some uncharted deep waters and exotic ports.  Suggested listening volume: crashing waves!