Jonathan Auerbach

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Love these guys. Hope to play with them someday.
Jonathan is a class act!!!!!
Jonathan is a true rocker who has such a great talent as a songwriter and musician. His live shows are awesome with great guitar licks and harmony with Carole Charlin . His shows are full of energy and he is an artist that puts his heart and soul into each performance!
Jonathan & Carole have brought joy to my life through their music and friendship. They are truly amazing to see live and I would recommend them for a small or large party! They both are just amazing folks to have in your life. They've donated their time to help my community by playing live to support a resident in need at The Franklin (
Gabe and I just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for performing tonight at The Franklin. You guys were absolutely amazing. We are so blessed to know people like you who are not only so talented but so kind and generous as well. We love your CD and look forward to hearing you perform live again!
I have heard Jonathan for some time now and am convinced there are few song writers who can touch his ability. It is always insightful and often perspective changing. New windows open on ways of looking at the world. The quality of musicianship is superb. He has mastered the guitar and and it becomes a vehicle for his soul voice. If one can possibly get an instrument to speak then he has done so, emphatically. Carole Charlin provides wonderful backup. The two of them will take you to other places, those places where creativity feeds the soul.
I had a great time shooting with you two last Friday at the Surfing Museum! Look forward to working with you both :)
Had a chance too meet jonathan wonderfull guy looking foward to seeing him live and rock onn can;t wait!!!!!!
Can't wait to hear your CD it looks badass!
Hey man, thanks for supporting the troops!
Jonathan is beyond doubt the love child of Lindsey Buckingham and Patty Smyth!!!! a truly unique sound and talent…… I look forward to some live time in 2015…cheers
Great sound, easy to navigate website! Still going strong, distant drumming and the soul are killer joints!
Love the album, glad I got to meet yourself and Carole at the Garrison Inn here in Newburyport, Mass. Remember without music the world would b flat. Best Wishes!!!
What a wonderful concert you put on at Pathways. I always look forward to hearing you and Carole perform. Such a treat!
Pure heart, creative mind, and extreme musical talent have converged in your songs to reflect your wisdom and love of life. Look forward to hearing you live on the Vineyard in April- always a treat!
Jonathan, After losing touch with you for many years, it is fantastic to find your website and hear your voice. Your positive life spirit is evident in the music. I’ll be watching your schedule for future dates on the Vineyard!
Jonathan! Your music is an inspiration and your musicianship makes me work hard. Great playing with you and Carol, hope to jam soon again!
Jonathan beautifully projects himself from the stage. He has the ability to concentrate his creative energy and focus it directly at his audience. His seasoned guitar playing, paired with his creative yet classic writing makes for a spectacular evening of music. Thanks for all the gear advice J!
Yo ! Jon! How did you go from a promising performance one weekend at Dartmouth College to this mis-guided attempt to achieve rock immortality conceived on a Dylan/New England 60's+ vision of what everybody loves about rock platform. Like, wow man, "pretty intense"! I love it, and am honestly wowed by what you are doing and what you've done. Vale' (no hucksters). Fred (et al)!!!!
I love the music, man! -- and I am excited to be playing percussion, backing you and Carole at your MV Veterans Benefit event at the Martha's Vineyard Film Center, Sunday May 26. Everybody come out for this -- going to be great one!
I love all your music, but my favorite album so far is LAUNCH. Trance Rhythm, Bard among the bums, Distant Drumming, and 24.7.365 particularly stand out to me. Keep rocking! See you today!
The music is all great. I love seeing you live, too, so I can listen to Carole's amazing voice!
At the Governor Academy's 250th-anniversary celebration on March 1st, Jonathan rocked the house!
Met you at The Governor's Academy today. Listened to some of you music-sounds great-can't wait to here more at the concert tomorrow!
Caught Jonathan & Carole @ the MV Int'l Film Festival opening party - they made the night! Rocked out with awesome music and big hearts. Can't wait to see you guys again! xo
Hey Jonathan! Looking forward to seeing you rock the house at Saltwater Cafe for the MV International Film Festival next Thursday Sept 6! See you then!
I really have enjoyed getting to know you! great concert!! :)
i love your original rock music! Looking forward to your visit in Riviera del Conero -- and a much anticipated live performance, hopefully...
pure rock music in the deep of the Alps! Wow!!
Complimenti, ho davvero apprezzato la tua musica, mi ricorda la musica irlandese, u2, the frames, che da sempre ascolto!grazie
drinking Porto with my new friend jonathan in madesimo
I’m more of an acoustic music fan, so was thoroughly delighted when I had the opportunity to hear Jonathan (with Carole Charlin) at a recent Veteran’s benefit that featured Jonathan’s usual rock sound “unplugged.” Exhibiting a fine show of his social concerns and his art, Jonathan laid his passions bare, delivering his intelligent lyrics and guitar-playing virtuosity with intensity and abandon. His voice has an appealing raw edge, at times joined by sweet, silky smooth backup female vocals, blending in with perfect timing and creating a seamless balance of strength and softness. Whether autobiographical or not, Jonathan’s lyrics touched chords of honesty and truth about relationships and life in a refreshingly courageous manner. I purchased all three CD’s, the proceeds of which benefitted a targeted group of Jonathan’s choice, the “Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.” I have been listening to them over and over for the past week and have many favorite cuts already. His songs provide a welcome reminder that while we may walk this earth each alone on our individual path, there is solace in knowing that we share this truth with all humanity. Take the time to listen. I think you’ll agree. Thank you Jonathan and Carole for a great performance and service. Cynthia Robinson
Jonathan set the Field Club ablaze with Arrofire Music this Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks for playing Martha's Vineyard again, Carole and Jonathan. You Rock!
Dear Jonathan and Carol, I don't know how to thank you both for the wonderful concert on Saturday. Also for your generosity and support of our veterans in need. Thank you so much. Jo Ann
great performance and outstanding service for our men and women of the armed forces
Here on the Vineyard from Provincetown WOMR, looking forward to Jonathan and Carol at the Field Club in Katama 4-6, Rock On!
Thank you Jonathan for supporting our veterans in need.
Looking forward to Jonathan Auerbach's concert for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund this Memorial Day weekend at the Field Club in Katama. Martha's Vineyard PBS is proud to be a part of this important production. Carole and Jonathan ROCK the Island!
Jonathan, you ROCKED the Vineyard so hard this Valentine's Day. Great Job!
Jonathan, thank you for helping to promote our event via your website and email, and thank you for the "gift" of your beautiful music. You and Carole were awesome to watch and hear on the external monitors during your set. Very entertaining and professional. Blessings and light, WW
Thank you so much for your performance in the 'Live Valentine's Day' production here at MVTV.
Just listened to Heard and loved it! Jonathan is a true artist...sensitive, articulate, and passionate. He sings from the heart and we can all relate to his lyrics.
I recently attended Jonathan's performance at The Newes in Edgartown, MA. His guitar skill, original lyrics and music made for a great evening. Vocalist and percussionist Carol Charlin was delightful. What better way to spend a winter evening on Martha's Vineyard.
my buddy and I saw Carol and Jonathan at The News in Edgartown, MA on 1/20/12. The show was great. The guitar playing was amazing, we were really impressed. My buddy has played for 20 years and was just as impressed as I was (a novice). C / J are a good team, they balance each other well, have great stage presence, J brings intensity to his music and seeing J play his guitar was impressive.
On Saturday the 24th of September Jonathan entertained us at Tinas Caribbean restaurant in Providence. The event was for Couplesholics, self-designated fans of Couples Resorts - where I work. We enjoyed a wonderful evening of authentic Jamaican fare and entertaining music. Jonathan and Carole put on a great show.
The girls loved hearing your music today at Gunstock for climb for a cure. It is a great cause with great music!! Thank you for what you do.
Your music is truly rock and has so much heart, feeling, and realness, which is very much lacking in today's mainstream tunes. It is absolutely incredible that you have been able to use your gift to bring such joy, comfort, and hope to those who most need it, and it is clear that your music and helping others is not just a passion, but a way of life. Music Therapy has such an unparalled benefit to both the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of those participating, and I would love to see the program, particularly your work with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, continue to expand and flourish. It is wonderful, as well, that you have partnered with the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Our troops have been on the forefront of our minds for over 10 years, and I thank you for joining an organization whose mission is to provide for wounded military personnel, veterans, and their families.
The bomb! Great songwriting, fantastic stories and it rocks from beginning to end. HEARD is an irresistible tour de force and will become one of your go-to albums you’ll listen to over and over. So far a few of my favorite songs are The Soul -- pure sorcery of dynamite beats, fiery guitar and mysterious background vocals; Maris, Me and the Sea, a haunting and beautiful tale of loss and longing and the powerhouse, sexy Animal Attraction. But my list is growing with each listen, and a new HEARD favorite is moments away.
The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is proud to have your support, Jonathan, and we truly appreciate your shared commitment to the men and women of the armed services! The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a national leader in supporting the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their families, has provided over $120 million in support for the families of military personnel lost in service to our nation, and for severely wounded military personnel and veterans. The Fund most recently opened the National Intrepid Center of Excellence to support the research, diagnosis, and treatment of military personnel and veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury.
Enjoy the all-original music of rock guitarist and singer/songwriter Jonathan Auerbach and special guests, and "Rock Your Way to the Top" to benefit Climb for Cure, a grassroots non-profit organization promoting Climb-a-thon events to benefit childhood cancer. Please spend a day at Gunstock Mountain Resort on September 25, 2011 and have an amazing experience while donating to Joey Sawyer, a local boy with cancer and the Jimmy Fund at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.
Hey, It was good to meet you...thanks for the great tunes, especially Brave Woman, Brave Man and for your donation to help Paralyzed Veterans of America. Your fans can continue what you started by sending donations to Authorized Volunteer PVA 628 Hanover St Manchester, NH 03104 Attn:Tara........Keep strong everyone!
Two words: You're awesome! really creative and just full out GREAT. love the guitar especially :)
Lots of love for both you and your music :) Nadja
Thank you Jonathan for the great music at Albertos party. I hope I see you again.
I enjoyed your band at Alberto's house. I hope you do well with your band. I will miss you. You and your lady friend are very talented. I hope I will see you again. Sincerely, Natalie
Great CD, love all songs!!!
Looking forward to listening to "HEARD"
It was great meeting you while on your visit to South FL. I appreciate the time for meeting with us and hopefully you can find the perfect place down here!
Hi Jonathan, It was a pleasure meeting you and Carole! You are very talented and I enjoyed listening to your CD on the way to work this morning! All the best, Lauren Murley
Hey Jonathan, pleasure working with you at the Apple store!! Looking forward to hearing some tunes.
Hi Johnathan, hi Carol! It's Patty from Red Roof Inn in Framingham. I really like Good Now and The Soul. I am still listening to the CD as I write. Red Roof supports musicans on a budget as well as US Military personal at both home and abroad.
Hi Jonathan! Patty at Red Roof Framingham! I love this cd! I particularly like "Good Now" and "The Soul." I am still listening to the cd as I write. Thoroughly enjoying it. BTW - Red Roof supports musicians on a budget as well as our soldiers in the military, both home and abroad.
I'm speechless -- your music is amazing ! I just listened during dinner!
I like the "track", Jonathan
Good to hear from you. Looks like you're a busy guy. I'm glad you're younger than I am. I'll keep track of your travels and your good works. Thanks Cathy Knapp Murphy
Hi Jonathan! Thanks again and I loved the CD. Using Etiquette and The Soul in Spin classes. Getting very positive comments and vibes!! Please say hello whenever at Irwin Motors. Rick John
Great writing! Great energy on the stage! :) Pleased to watch you live Jonathan!
Sounding great as always Jonathan! Cheers to you and the band!
Jonathan- truly mastering the art of "jammin'"! Cheers!
love the music, the new Heard CD ROCKS!!!!! are the man. Looking forward to working with you in the future, Keep up the awesome work, cancer care, etc...
Love the Music!
Hey Jonathan, It was great meeting you and Carole this weekend. I enjoyed your company and showing you both around in Austin, TX. Keep in touch -- and i hope you both decide to move here! Sincerely, Nicole Mancuso 360 Realty And Leasing Http://
Look forward to your West Coast-Seattle tour, Jonathan! Tim,
I've enjoyed your music so much these last weeks. From "Launch" to "Siren Call" and then "Heard", it's versatility continues to impress me. It's rare to hear such a clever arrangement of compositions created by one man!
Hey Jonathan, thanks for stopping by. Great album, keep rockin'! -Mike and the Delicatus Crew
The most lyrical lyrics, combined with intricate use of rhythm and harmony - I'm a fan!
Distant Drumming and feeling soulful down here in Vegas... Loving the music all over again. Jonathan rocking as usual man!
Very good! Love the new CD...
HEARD-great CD! My husband and I are enjoying your new music as well as the other two-LAUNCH and SIREN CALL. Love the lyrics-and the music! Looking forward to hearing you live. Monica T.
I listen and love your new album "Heard." I bought it online and waited for arrival to Italia. Buona fortuna! When are you coming here again to play?! We wait for your return. Carlotta
Great new CD! Hope to see you again in Portugal,some day! "Maris, Me and the Sea" is a great song!
What a great album -- the best so far!! Jonathan is pushing the limit of music on this one-- rock on!!!
Great stuff -- Keep on Rockin!!!!!!!
Jonathan, New album sounds great...keep rockin! Best, Matt
*!$@?!!#! DEADLY MUSIC! - So when the *!$@?!!#! are we going to do something manly like smoke a Cuban stogie?! Rock on, bud...
Lyrics that pierce and music that soars - I HEARD. What fun! You got it goin' on, brother. Thank you. Tom Brogan, DJ and host
It just keeps getting better! It's been a pleasure to be part of the JA evolution/revolution...
The band rocks! Thanks for your friendship. From your local mom and pop store
This CD is Jonathan's best one yet. It ROCKS! I saw him perform live about 2 years ago. Can't wait to see him live with this new set of songs and music.
...well, I was like a child waiting for Christmas!! I was awaiting the new Jonathan record and finally...voilà!!! Superb, intense, powerful! Guys, this is real "rockemotion" rock and emotion!! Bravo Jonathan!!!
The lyrics on your new CD are terrific. HEARD is full of creative metaphors about life and love; the music and vocals perfect together; a wonderful blend.
Jonathan is a great influence on me as a musician and his music rocks!
What it is.. What it is.. great stuff. Its relaxing, but you can still rock to it.
I worked on the project with Jonathan and the crew. The experience was uplifting, energizing and renewing. A truly pleasureful wonderful and exhilirating time to rock out on a Soulful album. Live it up on my backup vocals... Rev it up, live it up, yeh, yeh...The Soul has awakened...
I am relaxing to your music, and that is what it does to me, the meaningful lyrics sung by your beautiful voice that touches the soul supported by a beautiful melody and rhythm. My favorte is Still Going Strong.
well worth waiting for. Poetry in rock. Telling all my friends.
Love it!! Fab!!
I was never so glad I left the volume up high! I threw the CD in and took off on the journey. Old friends (Distant Drumming) and new surprises (love The Better Music). What a treat - Rock on!
Great job Jonathan. Good tunes and instrumentation. Wishing you all the best with the CD and your shows.
Great to hear from you, congrats on a successful third, fourth or should I say fifth career. Your songs are great, let us know the next time you come to LA and we'll go back the Korean restaurant or whereever. Best wishes Jim and Fern
we really got into your music! we blast it for the neighbors!
Got your HEARD CD. It sounds killa! I'm really diggin' it! See-ya round, Tim"
Great tunes, added to my faves, wife and kid liked it too. (I really like your new oil tank also)
Jonathan,I just listened to your new album "Heard"(3 times). Wow!! I really enjoyed it! Excellent lyrics and melodies!! This one will definitely please your fans! Can't wait to see you live!!
Jon Boy xox thanx for the great experience of having me play bass on the new record. Kate and I love you and Carole and look forward to a long and happy friendship. Much love and best wishes always... g
Hi Jonathan - It was great working with you and Carole on the packaging for the new CD... Thank you for my copy of "Siren Call" - it's evocative and complex. "Taken by Storm" feels like being stranded on a rocking ship, searching for shoreline... very cool. Looking forward to the new album!
Dear Jonathan, it was of great pleasure to get to know your pieces of art. I was really really impressed by your music, the way you look at and perform it, and the super improvisation skill that you show on the stage. Best wishes!!
Great work - musically and with your charity endeavors! Looking forward to your next CD and I can't wait to catch a show sometime! Best of luck!
It's been fun having you with us during your Nashville stay! Can't wait to check you out live!
Hi Jonathan! This is Lauren Calista. We met at the DFCI Music Therapy event recently. It was so nice to meet you and hear you play. I'd love to come visit you and Brian at DFCI and do what I can to help keep music therapy going! As you may recall I am a 2nd year Expressive/Music Therapy grad student at Lesley. Hope to stay in touch! Best, Lauren PS - Would love to hear about your travels in Portugal some time. I am part Portuguese and one of my dreams is to visit my distant relatives in the Azores!
it´s been a great time the 5 weeks I´ve been touring with Jonathan Auerbach here in Portugal last september. Very nice songs, and a most interesting person / artist that I got the chance to know and spend time with. Keep up the good work, will be looking forward for your next release in 2010 and the chance of being together again, on one of the sides of the Atantic. Till then, all the best Jonathan !
Nice show!!! I really enjoyed the night! I hope you return some day to Viana do Castelo to play in Glamour Bar :) good luck! kiss*
Hi Jonathan, How's it going? I'm back in Northeast PA don't know when I'll be heading back to PB...hope all is well with you. Peace and Love, Mary
Just to say that hello! good music,good voice, and very good "musical missions"! Keep up the good work!
Welcome Jonathan to TOKART!
a cervejaria bohemia tem o prazer de o receber numa futura visita e o agradar com a nossa iguaria.. praia da vagueira
Great show here at Perlimpimpim Jonathan! Nice music, nice company and we hope you had a nice meal at our place. You're welcome to visit us again, with or without concerts :) See you later(or Até já, whatever) ! , João and Rita
Dear Jonathan, my rockstar! As a classically trained pianist, you're the only rocker I've known and adored. I am honored to sign your guestbook. I don't know if it was serendipity or a force, somehow better explained, that helped our paths cross. While we met in the context of philanthropy and music-medicine at Harvard, our journeys past, ongoing, and prospective, have seen much common ground and passion. There are stars already shining from behind your shoulder, thanks to your many accomplishments and accolades from a 'few' previous lives that you've lived. That these eclectic accomplishments help provide a powerful platform for you to "rock with a driven philosophy" is an understatement. In the business of 'changing the world', we need more people like you. I look forward with delight, to the years to come, to the many new paths we'll create together, leaving trails behind. Keep rocking Jonathan! And may Planet Earth rock with you! Cheers, Mohan Mohan Sundararaj Founder & CEO, The Global Music Therapy Project
Rip Rorrin Rock of an alchemistic blend
Hi Jonathan, Love your music! Hope to see you live sometime!
very impressed with your work! special kudos for your work with Dana Farber, etc.
Hello,your music is really great,go on like this.
You're amazing, Jonathan. Abigail Lewis gave me your website, and after seeing everything on it, I marvel at your amazing talent. You're a terrific human being, too. Maris
Loving your sound...that's with a CAPITAL "L"~ Rock On! from your new fans in the Sunshine State
What a talent! What a great heart! I am so moved by the quality of your music and the quality of your humanity. Your efforts to engage children and young adults who have cancer and your support of their music therapy services are enormous gifts. No matter what ails us, we can thoroughly appreciate the depth of your music.
Jonathan: Great music Keep it up
Great music and a great cause.
Excellent private concert. Thank you very much.
Love your muisic. Glad tlo meet you.
was at Ivy;s house lleny job and cause -b keep on rocking!
I have been a Jonathan fan for two plus years. My favorite songs are "All Prayed Out" and "Capital L". Both songs are about two activities near and dear to me: Praying and Loving. The songs remind me when I'm all prayed out that what I have left is praying and loving, after all what else is there?
This past Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful evening with Jonathan playing an incredible array of songs as the fire warmed our living room. The pulsating rhythms and wonderful lyrics complimented a great dinner as friends shared memories throughout the night. As the rock music played, we could not believe how fortunate we were to have this fabulous performer entertaining us. Thank you Jonathan for joining us.
Querido Jonathan, Espero que los recuerdos de este ultimo viaje a Europa y en partcular de Barcelona aun se encuentren muy frescos en tu memoria. He tardado en firmar tu "guestbook" mas sin embargo nunca he dejado de tenerlo presente en mi mente. Nuestro encuentro, de caracter profesional en primera instancia, ha dado nacimiento a una amistad que esperamos perdure. Ha sido un verdadero placer y un honor conocerte. Eres de esas personas que dejan huella a su paso. Espero verdaderamente que puedas realizar tu objetivo de volver a Barcelona para instalarte y cuando asi sea .... volveremos a organizarnos para disfrutar de una velada como la que compartimos escuchando buena musica y charlando ntre buenos "amigos". No dejes de dar noticias. Qué tal Savannah? Un beso y un abrazo fuertes. A très bientôt... Adriana y Juan Carlos
Què tal tet !!! Hola Jonathan, de entrada agradecerte haber venido aquella noche a Anita Nit. Que tal, espero que marche todo súper bién y sin que pare la música. Te agradezco mucho tu CD con toda la buena música que hay dentro, jaja, es formidable tu rock, , muy alegre abierto y muy lleno, las letras voy lentamente, ya que mi inglés es básico. Espero que fuera bién la actuación en Barcelona y que vaya, sobretodo con la música acompañada de salud, triunfal. Un fuerte abrazo desde Cadaqués, hasta pronto. Tí
Beautiful music and delightful interpretation. We all had a wonderful time with you here in Barcelona Jonathan. Spread the world with your music and come back soon. We miss you! Good luck and God bless you !!!! Fondly, PAT
When a Yankee meets a “Pro-American” Frenchman in Barcelona; when the first one is a great singer and the second an advertising and marketing actor enjoying a great time in this smashing Mediterranean capital; who knows what may come out of it! Thank you Jonathan for coming to our place and give us an occasion to listen to your music and songs. Hope to see you again very soon. Take it easy! Alain & Virginie
Hi Jon, It was a pleasure meeting you here in Barcelona and thank you so much for you CD. Your music is great. Hasta pronto en Barcelona. Un abrazo, Beatriz
Hi Jon, Great touching base.You know life is too short.We are and will always be brothers in Taekwon-Do!Actually you sparked me to create a dvd series.Iam going to create a series,that will intergrate all the subtle essesnces of all I have learned on over 30 years.I will have it ready by the end of October for our meeting.You goot me thinking! Take Care-Taekwon!!!!!!!, Jeff Hennessy
Ich mag die Musik die du machst :D dein name gefällt mir auch :D, weil ich fast genaus so heiße nur du heißt Auerbach und ich Averbach :D
Hey, Jonathan, Another fun, music filled day! THANK YOU! It was awesome to see a smile on Paul’s face playing the guitar with you guys… It has been weeks…months since I have seen a glimpse of his carefree moods emerge… Thanks for working your magic…and working with these kids…you’re a natural mentor, musician and awesome person… With gratitude-Dixie
Jonathan, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your time and effort that have made the Rockin' Time workshops at Dana-Farber such a success so far. In my experience as a music therapist, I have to say that it is inspiring to me to work with good people like you that really get what music therapy is all about...and in your case, are willing to help make sure it can continue to benefit those patients that most need it. The Jimmy Fund patients you have spent time with have been transformed by this experience. As you know, I spend time making making music regularly with these patients in the resource room and infusion room treatment areas. I must tell you I have never seen them so excited about their music and the potential they have! I have truly enjoyed our partnership in making this happen! I look forward to future workshops and especially to the June 7th benefit concert. Thanks again Jonathan for your energy, sensitivity, and generosity! See you soon - Brian Jantz, MT-BC/DFCI music therapist
hi jonathan thanks for signed the cd i really like your album and i cant wait to tell all my friend in new york about ur album and have them listen ok wish u the best (kazu your sushi chef)
“Cancer tries to deplete the human spirit. The music program at Dana Farber/JimmyFund tries to uplift, transform and to bring the mind, body and soul into harmony.” Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie
Hi Jonathan! Just touching base to let you know how grateful I am for your support to the Jimmy Fund Clinic and ultimately to the kids. Thank you for sharing your passion and talent for music with my son Paul last week. It truly was an inspiring day and brought some sort of normalcy to Paul’s chaotic life… He has been dealing with illness and hardships for so long, a little bit of reprieve and fun was just what he needed…. In 2001, five days before the twin towers collapsed, Paul was hit by a car and given last rites-he remained in a coma for two months…when he awoke he could not talk, walk or move. He was transferred to Franciscans Children’s Hospital in Brighton and was there for 6 months relearning the most basics of tasks… he returned to school in a wheel chair…then to a walker and eventually was able to walk to the podium on his own to receive his high school diploma!(honors) He continued out patient therapies working with PT, OT and speech therapies for three years after the crash. Then- Unbelievably 4 years after his traumatic brain injury he received the shocking and heartbreaking diagnosis of Cancer-Leukemia, CML. Thankfully his 11 year old brother was a perfect donor match and Paul underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2005 with more months in the hospital and years of dealing with the aftermath isolation, loneliness and-graph versus host disease…he has been cancer free for two years, but we have just learned that there are traces of the leukemia back in his blood again….. Like you Paul wants to make some good out of all the bad and he too gives back- he has volunteered at the hospital that first stabilized him-and he and I talk at hospitals, schools camps on the reality of traumatic brain injury and the importance of wearing a helmet. He speaks at fundraisers for Franciscans Children’s Hospital and for Andrews Helpful Hands, which helps families who are going through BM transplant. Andrews Helpful Hands: Lyrics For life: Operation Swan Dive- Massachusetts brain injury association: I have just self- published a memoir of “How One Family Triumphed Through Tragedy” and am now seeking a “real” Publisher….any thoughts….:) (Oh, by the way Paul is one of Eight children!) Paul was on TV last week and I auctioned off a copy of my book Coming to Consciousness, the highest bid was 175$ !!! Check it out! click on Paul’s smile Any way I just wanted to share and to thank you! Paul has lost his teen age years and has been very isolated, so it was great for him to interact and to be doing some thing that he loves…MUSIC! You are very inspiring and interact with the kids in a natural way, helping to motivate and to give encouragement…and hope. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks! Have an amazing day and week! Fondly, Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie PS. Paul and I totally enjoyed listening to your CDs on our way home from Dana Farber-we were jamming! Thank you for the CDs and sharing your time and passion with us. Peace.
I got Siren Call back in July. Best new music I've heard in years. It's a dancing ride, man. Keepin It Real opens my radio show and The Dark closes it. Come alive... Listen to WOMR radio live on the link below.
Hi Jonathan, Who is giving the fundraiser for "kill the cancer" in hopkinton, Ma? I am involved in the Cultural Arts Alliance in Hopkinton and know quite a few people in the area. Have done a fair share of cancer fundraising events in the last couple of years. Sounds like you are doing well and doing what you love. Very important for one's soul. I have also gone back to my artwork full- time. Have a studio in Ashland, where I work everyday and teach out of. Take care, Karyn
Follow the Muse and we'll follow the music. Great stuff Vashki Rire
"Siren Call" takes "Launch" beyond the second stage of a "rock-et" destined for places no one has journeyed to. In the end, I felt every song displayed a passion for musical and lyrical purity and integrity that I have rarely heard.....a killer collection of hearfelt and soulful thunder claps of honesty and originality. "Siren Call" is not something to listen to just once because it draws you back again and again with haunting hooks, licks and color that leave you with a severe craving for more. Beyond Jonathan's and Pam McCann's powerful presence, the band will knock your socks off....
My heart is "Villed with Nash"! Proud to be part of the Siren Call journey. I feel the calling! peace, love & music, Pam
Rock on, Aero!!
Your music is way cool, but your still as ugly as you always were. The soul is what counts and your music has so much. Remembering the Jam session in Calabasas, wow! now it's gone to Europe, too bloody cool J.
Jonathan also is a great powder-skier !!! :-)
hey man, how are you? how about cragno and crauti at siora rosa's joint! have a smashing tour!
Great debut CD! Jonathan combines world-class songwriting and production with an excellent voice and superb stringwork to make a great record. It is soulful, soothing, and wise, bringing a fresh sound to the game. The amazing part is, that on the CD, he is great, but he is even better yet in a live performance. See him live. It's alive!
Jonathan Auerbach lives his life with a "Sieze the day" mentality. It may be at dinner or during a conversation when there is a sudden pause and a far away look will come over him. one senses that mayhem is about to ensue; in this case of a positive sort. His sense of creativity allows him to engage in what I call 'entertaining possibilities'. His mind travels to far lands even as he has done in the flesh. He has been to and written of places that most of us merely dream about. His friends and neighbors span the continents. Who could ever doubt that the music produced by such a man is as evolved and insightful as his outlook on life. With the world as his muse may Odysseus not return home too soon.
Congrats on the Italy tour Jonathan! Remembering those little jam sessions throughout the years in Santa Monica, and now look atcha! Keep it up! Best regards, Nicole
I've met Jonathan in Trieste where I took some really good pictures of him....but mostly I've listened to him playing at his live show at "MAX"!!!! Amazing & rockin'!!! Come back soon, Jonathan Ciao &..... take care! Paolo
I write from Italia, where I live and work. I know jonathan from his and my travels in the United States and in Europe, am a fan of his music and have enjoyed his solo performances. I am delighted he makes his debut tour in Italia and recommend his CD LAUNCH and live show to Italian fans who appreciate great original rock music ! Ascoltatelo, è una forza ! Buona fortuna, Jonathan !
Ciao! I am so excited to know you will be in Italia. I heard your CD and love it. Please let me know where and when you will be playing, I live in Firenze (Florence) and will bring friends who are also big fans to see you in concert. Un abbraccio e arrivederci.
Jonathan's soulful and thoughtful lyrics touch the heart with feelings we can all relate to. The complex melodies and his heartfelt love of life create a powerful message. Jonathon's music is best appreciated live so don't miss a chance to catch a performance! Thanks Jonathon for sharing yourself with us, we had a great time. Julie Feuerbacher San Antonio, TX
Mr. Auerbach offers the freshest marriage of music and lyrics that I've heard in many years. The music lures, but he captures the hearts and minds with his lyrics -- which are deliously surprising at times and are always crafted to complement the mood he creates with his melodies. In an era of repetitive, thoughtless ramblings his words tell a story and(dare I mention it)offer up something of value for your mind to ponder and relish.