Jonathan Auerbach

Jonathan Auerbach


Look Out!  Rock guitarist & singer/songwriter Jonathan Auerbach is making waves, thrilling listeners, defying expectations. A commanding axe man, Jonathan plays with power and precision, rendering dynamic all- original rock. Memorable guitar hooks boosted by raw vocals render a signature sound, a fully realized vision of musicianship of contemporary-meets-classic rock, ranging from muscle to slow mojo.

Jonathan has nailed Nashville recorded CD's, a cache of fresh rock all-originals, with Jonathan fronting recording and touring aces who have played with the likes of Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Fleetwood Mac and John Fogerty. 

 “Tour” de Force: a powerhouse performer with or without the band... Jonathan plays with abandon, on tours across the USA, Italy, Austria, Spain and Portugal, garnering worldwide radio play, press praise, and a notable USA and Europe fan base.  His live shows revel in the unexpected, and his current rock duo & trio bands win over audiences with fresh, full throttle songs at once deeply rooted and indelibly modern; smart storytelling songs, rendered with guts, gusto and grit.

 Jonathan muses, “My aim.  as a songwriter and performer is great rock songs that hit like a missile, big on impact and explosive emotion, a big molecule-rearranging sound that cuts through the radio drone and people shout: ‘holy #!*$!!, who was that?!’ 

“All originals, no filler.  All filet, no fat. You can stick a fork in it..."

Jonathan also merges music with message – and media.  As an award-winning writer and editor,  he has registered a notable career of assignment around the world, covering travel, cuisine, international affairs and the environment, in columns, lead features and cover stories in major national and international newspapers and magazines, notably: Robb Report, Boston Globe, Cigar Aficionado, Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Daily Herald, Boston Phoenix, San Francisco Examiner, Smoke magazine, Drink magazine, Endless Vacation, Ski Impact,  Whole Life Times, Angeleno, BNTWD, Connections, Travelscope, Saturday Evening Post,  Buzz magazine, San Francisco magazine,  Palm Beach Illustrated,  Montreal Gazette, Chicago Daily Herald and numerous other publications.  Jonathan has won top awards for his writing – notably, a Lowell Thomas Award, the top travel journalism award in the United States, and the Premio Leonardo, the prestigious journalism award of Italy. His professional memberships have included the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), the Screen Actors Guild & American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). 


"It's a Hit, man! "Have you Heard?  Range, depth, beats, twists, and licks… On Heard, Jonathan Auerbach deftly mixes a voice of piercing lyrics with soaring music. The whole shebang from beginning  to end, beautiful.  

Tom Brogan, DJ and Host of the Funny Thing - WOMR Radio - Provincetown, MA  (2010)


"One Great CD!"  In this new era where the search for meaning and purpose is resonating so distinctly, Jonathan Auerbach's new Nashville-recorded rock CD HEARD is a testament to what is on the minds of many.  The music is a welcome departure from the mainstream pop-culture that seems to prevail with redundancy, combining thought-evoking lyrics with a soulful sound that is powerful and unique. Great CD!  Holly Robinson Foss, CEO & Founder - Vita Bella Travel Reference (2010)


"What a talent! What a great heart! " I am so moved by the quality of your music and the quality of your humanity. Your efforts to engage children and young adults who have cancer and your support of their music therapy services are enormous gifts. No matter what ails us, we can thoroughly appreciate the depth of your music.

Suzanne B. Hanser, EdD, Chair, Music Therapy Dept, Berklee College of Music


"Chiming in with Jonathan Auerbach."It's plain and simple, Jonathan Auerbach is a rocker. Someone who likes to lay into the music he was gifted to play...Jonathan's newest release "Siren Call" has seen some worldwide radio play in Europe as well as his native New England area. It has garnered him praise not only for its musicianship, but the soul it possesses.   

Pat Chen, Monolog (2009)


"Honest, pure & soulful!" A passionate, timeless recording. On SIREN CALL,” Jonathan plays, writes and sings like his life depended on "transfixing" these songs and messages into the hearts and ears of his devoted fanbase.  

Rick Morrison (former Modern Rock Promotions Director for RCA and V2 records  (2007)


"Honest rock with a sophisticated bent."On "SIREN CALL," the songwriting, musicianship, production, engineering and honest delivery of this album speaks for itself.  Unique male vocals offer a refreshing departure from the throngs of predictable vocalists and phrasing choices out there fatiguing the ear.  

Map Music Productions (2007)


“Smart writing, solid production, originality on display.” Jonathan hits the mark with LAUNCH, an eleven-song set of personal reflection. His acoustic guitar playing comes through with authority and leads the way for these expertly produced tracks. The combination of smart lyric writing and honest vocal interpretation create an evocative listening experience.  

Tom Snow – Hit Songwriter  (2004)